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  1. Yes, it's a FAT32 Drive - the files are live rather than deleted. The problem seemed to have happened after a system restore and the computer renamed a local drive that was originally names G and changed it to d: . Essentially the files appear to be there after running Recuva, but they will not open whether it's a jpeg, word, pdf or any other type of file.
  2. Yes it's an internal hardrive which mysteriously changed from G: to a D drive the names of the files all seem to be there but just wont open.
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    I have just downloaded Recuva Pro as I had issues with recovering files from a hard disk which changed its name however all the files to a disk and no matter what I do (by following all the suggestions, the recovered files will just not open. I have tried word docs, PDF docs, xml, mp4 files and not one of them will open. Either I am a real muppet and am doing something wrong or the software just doesn't work.Illustrious Newsletter December 2015 Final (2016_01_19 16_01_51 UTC).pdf This file is an example of a PDF I have recovered but for the life of me I cannot get this or any of the files
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