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  1. CCleaner has the worst subscription model on the internet. I can't log into YOUR site and view / see my subscriptions and software licenses. You are currently having a 50% off sale. I just renewed for another year but I would like to add years to my subscription. If I purchased another year would it go onto the same license or a separate license. I was furious that I had to cancel my previous years subscription just to renew my software to the next years subscription at the discounted rate you were running at the time. What are you thinking with your subscription management? There is no way to see my purchases or renew my same license. Your renewal model doesn't include any specials you maybe running at the time. You just blindly hope people will go for the extreme highest price you charge for your product when they renew. Your product is good and I pay for it. But the business and management of this product is severely lacking. I would expect I could open an account buy the product and manage my product from the same login. Allowing a fulfillment house to process orders and deliver the software isn't cutting it. You guys are too big to act like a shotty little software house.
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