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  1. Thanks for your reply. I mean to try a boot in safe mode yesterday and got sidetracked with all my other searching for a solution. Finally did it just now; all the problem programs that will run in safe mode DID run... and when I rebooted, they all now work... I wish I understood all this. I am very relieved. Thank you for your help and advice.
  2. Actually now I'm wondering if the new installation of CCleaner 5.67 didn't install some malware or a trojan... Any comments please? I downloaded it from the Ccleaner site.
  3. PLS HELP. I clean my registry periodically with Ccleaner, always make the backup first. I've never had any trouble... Yesterday I first upgraded from Ccleaner 5.63 to 5.67. Cleaned the registry. Did not pay attention to what was cleaned up... but I did back up the registry first. Now I have 7 programs that will not run. I go to their .exe file in file manager and click and it says: Windows cannot find c:\program... and it gives the full, correct path. But they won't open. The rest of my programs work as normal. There is nothing else that I did on my computer or anything obvious... I
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