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  1. Of course, I missed the HUGE A** Chrome icon on the install setup ! All I see is a company that will go to great lengths to place the blame on their users rather than own up to something. I'll have you know that this is not the first time this has happened to me. Both times on a brand new computer that only had Windows installed. The first time, I also came looking for information. I accepted the possibility that I had too hastily gone through the setup and accepted the "blame" of it. This time, I can assure you, that I made sure to read EVERYTHING, to go into EVERY option. What ner
  2. Ok... and that means what? That you don't belive your program installed Chrome on my PC? How is it that Chrome magically appeared (as in, the program launched) after the installation of CCleaner and magically became my default browser? Actions speak louder than words. You can say that your program doesn't install Chrome but what happend proves that's not the case. I'm far from being the only person to complain about this so no, you can't chalk it up to not reading and just clicking "Next", which is what I see you tend to do to shut people up. Stop taking us for idiots and own up to your d
  3. Ok, and so how do I opt out of having Chrome installed? So you are saying that I only have the choice of opting out of a Chrome install if the Chrome offer is being made. The rest of the time, it is installed by default with no warning and no way to opt out. How does this excuse your company again? So you admit that Chrome is installed by default when there is no option to not install it? Before you ask, YES, Chrome was installed, and YES, I'm sure it was CCleaner that installed it.
  4. You people really take us for idiots. That screenshot that you have is nowhere to be found. THIS is what we see: That whole bottom part of your screenshot is completely absent. If I click on "Customize", I get the following two screens, neither of which mention Chrome anywhere: Oh, but you want to make us believe it's OUR fault, that we just kept clicking on "Next" without reading. At least have the decency of OWNING up to your dawn practices. This was the last time you violate me and my PC.
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