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  1. I install it to a secondary drive (not C) I have however tried both C & E drives with the same results of a white screen after pressing the install button. I'm not sure if the program install is hanging or if it's actually running but when I check the directory where it would be written there's no data for it and it just closes without asking if I'm sure when I click the X to cancel EDIT: I forgot to mention that yes it was up until about three or four months ago it started working just fine
  2. I have yes, still having a white screen on install however
  3. Sorry about that! Win 10 Pro x64 version 1909, windows Defender. I should know better than to half ass a support request at this point.
  4. I've been trying to update my version of the app for a couple of months now I have the program installed on a secondary drive as opposed to C drive when I click on the install button after customizing I'm met with a white screen and nothing else, the program fails to install / fails to give any sort of error message I've relegated myself to using the portable version now, even though I have UAC disabled I still run the program as admin & have full access rights too all drives on this pc I'm at a loss on what could be causing this so I've come here for help.
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