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  1. Good morning I specify that the price paid for the new data recovery software instead of Recuva PRO is € 146.69 + 22% VAT for a total of € 178.96 €
  2. Good evening, Today I purchased RECUVA PRO (paid with PayPal) to analyze an external 3.5 ”HD powered by 5 Tb (Intense). The hard drive is brand new: all the files I accidentally deleted were files that I had moved from an old HD. Starting the scan for the recovery of deleted files by selecting the 5 Tb external drive, the same warfab and Mehmaster problem occurs. Trying to understand where the problem was I made the following tests: 1) Search for deleted files on the hard disk of the "C" drive (OCZ Vertex 120 Gb SSD) of my notebook with Windows 7 Professional 32 bit; the search starts normally and the list of recoverable files and all the various options available are shown; 2) Scan to external HD 3 TB GB brand Intenso, everything went perfectly; 3) Scan to 600 GB external HD Platinum brand (mounts Wester Digital disk); everything went fine. The file system of the four disks tested is of the NFTS type. The file system of the four disks tested is of the NFTS type. I have already submitted the crash report to support. Since I absolutely needed to recover the deleted files, I tried a free software reviewed in a computer blog and I managed to recover all the files by reconstructing the original path and name. Since the free version only allows viewing but not recovery, I purchased the PRO version with a lifetime license at a price of € 146.69. It makes me think that Recuva is not suitable for HD scans of such high capacity. If so, can I use the purchased license by transferring it to another computer or alternatively obtain a refund from Piriform? Thanks so much
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