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  1. Actually it worked yesterday with no problems but today I had to reset ccleaner to clean the chromium browser. I can live with that for now. Maybe the next ccleaner update will fix it. It definitely has to do with the chromium browser staying on. I have been in a Microsoft group and they are trying to help me with the method to turn off the chromium browser. Glad you have 2004 installed. I think I will wait a bit.
  2. Thanks, for your response! I messed with it all day yesterday and the only way it would work is if I reset ccleaner and then the first box opened not sure what it was I did not check that box but when the second one opened I had to check the box to force edge to close then it would work. You are correct edge chromium needed to be closed before it would work. However, the good news is ccleaner had a new update today and so far it worked perfectly. Hope it continues this way. Thanks for the heads up on the new Microsoft version 2004. Thank-you .Ccleaner thanks for the update today!
  3. Thanks , to all who responded! It took awhile but I finally got it to work. I shut it off in two different places and then I have to reset ccleaner to it's defaults then run it the first box that pops up don't check it but when it asks to force edge to close check that box and it works . Will it damage ccleaner if I have to reset it to it's defaults on a daily basis? Stupid Microsoft! Yes I just download the new edge 3 days ago.
  4. Yes it is the new edge not the old edge. I just downloaded it 2 days ago and noticed it in my startup apps and it said it had a big effect on my startup. Not to repeat myself but when I shut it off in my startup apps and restarted it went right to the edge web page . The only way it stopped doing that was when I turned it back on in my startup apps. I don't know of any other way to turn it off.
  5. I used the browser then I reset it to it's default state so when I ran Ccleaner it said that it was forcing edge to close and it still skipped all edge components. I will try again and go into task manager. The part I don't understand is that it worked fine yesterday when I installed it. Is anyone else having this problem? I noticed that it was in my startup apps and the only way it would work correctly is if I left it in the startup. Doesn't that mean it is always on? Thanks
  6. Sorry , 0double posted by accident. Are other people having the same problem? The reason I asked about the pro version is someone wrote a long time ago to open options then monitoring then untick the enable browser monitoring. I don't have those options on the free version. Could someone please tell me if other people are experiencing this same issue? It worked yesterday.
  7. Would it help if I bought ccleaner pro? Right now I am using the free version.
  8. Would it help if I bought ccleaner pro? Right now I am using the free version.
  9. I installed it yesterday and Microsoft chromium worked fine. Ccleaner cleared all chromium boxes and now today it skipped all of Microsoft chromium. I went back in a second time and it did the same thing. What's wrong?
  10. Thanks, for the replies! Nukcad I am going to print your response. Thanks
  11. Thanks, for your response I have not been able to get into this forum for awhile. That's great news! How do I get all the posts from this forum sent to me?
  12. Will the newest version of ccleaner work with the new Microsoft edge ? Thanks
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