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  1. TechRadar: Windows 10 is warning users not to install CCleaner. https://www.techradar.com/news/windows-10-is-warning-users-not-to-install-ccleaner I think it's more than just some "offer" in an antiquated build.
  2. Wow, what a thread. It seems that there was a lot of misshandling by Piriform and Avast, and then some doubling down on the fact that licenses were never lifetime which, if true, was grossly disguised (conciously or otherwise by Piriform). Upon going through my e-mails, it is clear that I purchased my key in 2015, was sent an e-mail about my license expiring in 2016 (which I must have blown off or ignored for many of the same reasons as others here did - namely CCleaner was still working perfectly fine) and -- get this -- requested a copy of my key from Piriform several month later, which resulted in Piriform sending me an e-mail of my key with no expiration! Anyway, there's no point beating a dead horse. My reason for signing up to post is to get a clear sense of where my current license stands. I recently got a new computer (which I am using at this moment) and installed CCleaner using the latest installer from Piriform's site. It installed fine, and upon entering my key, it said it was invalid, but appears to work just fine and, in fact, still shows the application as being registered to me. Earlier in the thread there was talk of automatic updates reverted the program to the free version. I currently have automatic updates set in the configuration. Questions: 1. Will an automatic update cause my installation of CCleaner to revert to the free edition? I don't believe one has yet occurred. If so, will disabling automatic updates alleviate the issue? 2. Given that the latest version of the CCleaner seems to be working as a fully-licensed application despite my key "expiring" in 2016, is it fair to say that we are, in essence, tacitly grandfathered in, with Piriform retaining the right to kill off this arrangement at any time? Or has there been an explicit grandfathering in of the license? Apologies if these questions have already been asked and answered, but this thread got quite confusing because stories from Ben to @Dave CCleaner (who was admittedly much more detailed and forthright in his explanations) were changing, as well as user reports of what their licenses were doing when activating CCleaner during the tenure of this thread. Many thanks in advance for any clarity provided. I'd especially appreciate and answer from @Dave CCleaner, if possible.
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