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  1. well i never got a refund or upgrade/trade in or anything like that or posted my key anywhere or let anyone i know use it or used it a bunch, maybe 7 times since i got it in 2014 and i only put it on new devices when i get them and retire the old ones and have only used the key or program at my old house new house at work on laptop so i cant see it being abused. also why would ccleaner be the only one affected i install the 4 programs every time on each device why is ccleaner the only one no longer working. if my key was revoked why does speccy revoca and defragger work fine. any why now i in
  2. i have the same issue as of today as well had my key since 2014 and now im got a popaying my key is not longer valid and when i look it says unregistered. so of the software i bought the key is still working for all but ccleaner CCleaner Professional Plus 4 Products in 1! Professional versions of CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy. Full feature set, software updates and priority support. Instant online delivery! when i open the other 3 software it says there still registered to me and run just like the did the last few years ccleaner however is telling me every time i
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