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  1. Except for "branding.dll", mine looks exactly the same...….
  2. Thankfully that did work! - Grateful for the help!
  3. I have to leave for a few hours - I'll check back for any suggestions on moving forward - thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply BTW! I did restart - still no go! I have used the registry cleaner in the past, but not recently. Everything else is running as normal At a stand still now since I can't run, delete (uninstall) or re-install it!
  5. Windows 10 Stock Windows Defender - occasionally run free version of Malwarebytes It did run until this morning Downloaded from the CCleaner website
  6. Can't run or uninstall CCleaner - when I try to uninstall I get this msg: can not load c:\program files\ccleaner\ccsystem.dll
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