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  1. Could be useful, and maybe help speed up the process
  2. I will try anyway, who knows ? This could be something useful
  3. You assume well. So I guess I can't get better, but anyway, thank you. Do you know a section to submit ideas ? (the one that defraggler could use a second drive as temporary storage). I think it could speed up the process, because reading/writing speed is a lot affected when it on the same drive.
  4. I was thinking of this: what if the drive is locked or something and can't be defragmented? As you can see it is not completely defragmented...but it won't be able to do much more...at least without modifications
  5. So, it did not work well....some files were fixed, but I still have files that are fragmented (though the number drastically decreased). The fun part is, on the other drive I don't have problems to defrag them. So I think it's this drive, and I think it's the file system, because there isn't any problem on the other drive (4TB) and it's NTFS... I found this: what do you think ?
  6. Yes these are movie files. I will try to move them on another drive. I'll get back to you
  7. Well, no it isn't system files, and they didn't change with the fragments number.... Maybe the files size is the problem (over 4GB minimum) or the partition type (exFAT while my other drives are NTFS)
  8. Thanks. Though isn't it possible to lock the files while defragmenting ? I already tried to analyse and the View Files, etc. But it always says this message....
  9. Yes, it will. Defragmentation process uses a lot of reading-writing steps. Solid State Drives are limited in number of this steps, so it will shorten it's life. Try to avoid defragmenting SSD. The performance is not a problem with this type of drives, even when it's fragmented.
  10. Hi I'm currently using defraggler free 2.22.995 (64-bit) and it has some problems with my 8TB external hard drive. I tried several times to start a defrag, but everytime it stops when it's not finished yet, and it seems after another analysis that it's more fragmented with a lot more space tagged as fragmented. If I go to File list, I can see the list of files that a fragmented (as expected), but when I check one and try to defrag this one specifically, it says "Defrag aborted. No files were defragmented. The operation cannot be done.". Do you have a clue ? Or if it's a casual thing, I would like to understand. Thanks
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