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  1. I have been unable to "exit" Trend Micro on the last few passes. Also: here's my workaround: find the setup file for CCleaner (setup.exe) in Program Files/Setup. Create a shortcut to that file on your desktop or task bar. When you run setup, it will re-install CCleaner. At the end of the reinstall, you have the option to run CCleaner (and see the version notes, etc.) Run CCleaner. It seems to run an earlier version, but it works. And, on my system, it doesn't take much longer than running thru the usual "analysis" stuff.
  2. dafj, could you be explicit: where do you do this "whitelisting" ?
  3. Multiple attempts, restarting system, reinstalling Ms. Edge and CCleaner -- all fail. CCleaner fails to launch. The only way I can get it to run is to use the "run option" after reinstalling. I hope CCleaner has a solution for this as I see others have the same issue.
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