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  1. Thanks I knew there had to be an answer somewhere. Now all I need is a magic wand and a fairy godmother and self-isolation won't be so bad after all.
  2. Having had this experience I agree entirely with your comments and that HC should be removed from the Pro version. It has no business being there. Maybe someone can tell me to whom I should send a bill for my time lost in dealing with this problem and the many hours I'm going to have to spend finding those missing links because of their stupidity? (some hope...... only governments can take on corporate incompetence these days)
  3. Hi The bookmarks issue was a little strange. When I first went to look at my bookmarks after discovering I had lost the history it (bookmarks) only contained 3 items. After doing a System Restore all my bookmarks were back (about 20), but why did it show those 3 before I ran System Restore and not the other 17? Maybe System Restore didn't actually do anything and they were there all the time but Firefox didn't load them all on the first pass, or had time to update from my tablet via the cloud when I did the System Restore. We shall probably never know. IMO the wording 'CCleaner Home Screen' in the Options is too vague and an odd choice of words when it could (and should) be 'CCleaner Default' - far more obvious and understandable.
  4. Thanks for the explanation, but it did not happened in previous weeks so I looked in my Options menu and yes, Health Check was selected - but not by me! Has there been an update during the past week where Health Check has been set as the default home screen, or could an update have changed the setting in some way? If so I must disable automatic updates. Whatever the cause it seems I have lost all my history. Having done a System Restore in an attempt to recover history (no success) it did recover all my bookmarks - thank goodness, so not all my work has not been lost. I have just run Health Check and found there are ways to stop it deleting history etc. but unless a user is made aware of this it will do exactly what it has done to me. There should be a WARNING about using the Health Check option, and it should be made clear that selecting Health Check for 'CCleaner Home Screen' as shown in your reply above, means HC will be used whenever CCleaner is scheduled to run.
  5. It's also wiped ALL my bookmarks - months of work gone! what the **** is going on?
  6. I use CCleaner Pro v.5.64.7613 and Firefox as my internet browser. CCleaner is set to automatically run overnight every Saturday before doing a complete system backup, NONE of the cleaning options shown under the Custom Clean Applications tab for Firefox are ticked (whereas all are ticked for Edge and most for Chrome and Internet Explorer, both of which get used only VERY occasionally). But after the overnight clean this week, ALL my Firefox history has dissapeared, including some sites that took me hours to track down! How do I get them back- or have they gone forever?
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