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  1. I found a solution here in this forum. I succeded in opening the rcsetup153.exe with 7Zip and to extract ist in a directory on an USB stick. The unpacked direectory contains the files recuva64.exe and recuva.exe. The first one runs without error. So far and thanks to this forum Greetings from Germany Dr.Mabuse
  2. I tried to recover a lost video from a new XQD card. My old verson didn't find a video on my card after deep search of 40min. Then I tried to install the upgrade V.1.5.3.. After I downloaded and started the installation file rcsetup153.exe it showed the start window. After clicking on the "install" button it stopped with the error message that it's not possible to install on drive L:. See attached screenshot. Of course I haven't a drive L: I tried the same with the installer of the earlier version rcsetup152.exe with the same result. I have Windows 10 home actualized to version 1909. Please tell me how to circumvent the installer problem. thanks Dr.Mabuse
  3. I tried to download the portable version Recuva 1.5.3 for Windows. On your homepage https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva/features/portable-version you write: "For the portable version, simply go to /recuva/download/portable and download the .ZIP file." The inscripted link https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva/download/portable/ leads not to a download page for the zip file but to the site https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva/download/standard with the text: T"hank you for downloading Recuva Follow these 3 simple steps to complete your Recuva installation" and it asks for the download of rcsetup153.exe. Please tell me where I can download the zip file for the portable version for Windows 10. Thanks for useful help Dr.med. Joachim Elz-Fianda
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