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  1. Yes, looks like everything is back in working order now. Thank you for the reply and for correcting the issue.
  2. I did, submitted one on 3/7 and haven't heard back yet. How long does it usually take to get a response? I also tried retrieving my license key through the Piriform retrieval system, but it just gave me the key I already have.
  3. I have CCleaner Pro Plus installed and have it setup for auto-renewal. I received a renewal confirmation on 12/4/2019 and thought everything was fine. A week ago, I got an email from Piriform saying my license was expiring and 2-days after that CCleaner stopped working. I tried downloading/reinstalling CCleaner (free) and re-applying my license key. It accepts the key, display a message that it's expired. I have all my e-mail records showing the subscription renewal for 2020 and my account was debited for the correct amount so I know the purchase went through. Can somebody PLEASE help me
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