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  1. I LOVE CCleaner. Been using it for years! But something I have always wanted to see was an option to sort the Cookies list by Date. Please add a Date column with the Cookie file date and time. Make it sortable by clicking on the column header. That way I can find those added most recently. It will keep me from having to look through so many. Keep up the GREAT work on this excellent app.
  2. In addition to my previous suggestion that the "Tools/Startup" list be sortable by date installed, I would also LOVE to see you add a new "Trusted" column to the CCleaner "Tools/Startup" screen of your app. As I envision it, this would entail you adding a small database to your system that keeps track of items appearing in the user's Registry "Run" and "RunOnce" sections, the user's Startup folders, and other places from which programs get automatically run during boot up--in other words all items appearing on CCleaners "Startup" screen. The next time CCleaner is run, a new "Trusted" column would appear that is initially marked with a column of "No"--the probable initial default setting. Or it may be possible for CCleaner to actually "know" which ones should definitely be marked "Trusted" and initially mark those as "Yes" from the beginning. Or maybe you could even add a 3-level indicator--Trusted, Not Trusted, and Questionable. Maybe Questionable should be the initial default? Then the user would check that "Trusted" column with a Yes for those items he knew were "Trusted" (which should probably be anything the user does not delete from the list) or "Not Trusted". Those user selections would then be saved to your database. Then each following occasion that CCleaner is run, from your database, you would display in the new column, the user's previously indicated "Trusted" status--Yes/No[/Questionable]. Of course, any new items that appear in the list would probably default to a No or Questionable. Then it would be easy for the user to find those that need further consideration/investigation as to whether is should remain in his Startup list. It would really be nice if there were also buttons that allow the user to "Mark All as Trusted" or "Mark All as Untrusted". Then after the user deletes the ones that should be removed, it would be simple to "Mark All as Trusted" for the remaining items in the list. And tying this to my earlier wish that the Startup list be sortable by date installed, this database could also easily track the date when a Startup entry was installed. If the date of installation cannot be automatically determined by CCleaner, it is at least possible for CCleaner to know the approximate date by when the item first appears in your CCleaner Startup screen. That date could be what is added to your database as the install date and displayed as such on your Startup section. Entries in this database could also be persistent. Even if the user deletes an item from the Startup list, information about that entry should still be saved in the database including the fact that it was user deleted. Then if that item reappears in the Startup list again at some future date (regardless of it being installed intentionally or surreptitiously), it could automatically be listed by CCleaner as "Previously Deleted by User". So now we are up to an "Installed Date" column and a 4-level indicator--Trusted, Not Trusted, Questionable, and Previously Deleted by User. Is there no end??? But I think this is a really needed addition. Reading the items listed in the "Tools/Startup" screen are difficult enough even for the most "savvy" users. Many programmers have a way of really being rather obscure in the way they choose the names and keyword for their programs, files, and paths! THANKS FOR ALLOWING AND CONSIDERING USER FEEDBACK! Keep up the great work with an amazing application! Bill Molony PS: After first posting this, I realized that my previously submitted suggestion actually regarded CCleaner's Tools/Uninstall screen. Having said that, I hope that something like the suggestion above can actually be implemented for both Tools/Uninstall and Tools/Startup.
  3. LOVE CCleaner! Keep up the great work! In your Tools/Uninstall list, I would love to see an additional sortable column added that shows the date the "Program To Remove" was installed. Thus the list could be sorted not by name but rather by date installed--maybe even allowing the sort to be user reversable so that the most recently installed appears at the top of the list. The reason for this request is that quite often, programs that were automatically installed (without my permission?) would appear listed first so that they could be easily chosen for removal. Thanks! And again, keep up the great work! Bill Molony
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