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  1. windows 10 and many manufactures like HP are doing there own file delete apps my HP has one there getting onto this service slowly making CCleaner obsolete I also have the defrag,but now you don't need to defrag SSD drives so there goes that money.
  2. Yours sounds like a carbon copy of what they have done to me ass well,there trying to have us on but I'm not as dumb as they think its all online so as time has past what are you going to do? mine was a no expiration for years and as of about a year ago it says expired 2015 just as yours does I just wonder if we had access to people who purchased it prior to 2015,how many peoples story would be the same, WE CAN"T ALL BE WRONG<JUST REMEMBER THAT MY FRIEND> I paid with PAYPAL and they gave me a duplicate receipt for 2014 purchase and ccleaner lied and said it was one year expiry then.Again many people have the same story and we all can't be wrong.
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