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  1. And that is where the problem is, when I bought it (and many others) there was no mention that I was buying only the current "version". You actually are by having renewal popups on my screen when ever I open it, Professional version should not have renewal popups. Mine was bought through your site, and I always have thought it was "lifetime" license because there was no mention otherwise on the Piriform websites. - If there was a mention of yearly subscription on any part of your site I would not have bought it. - If there was any mention of buyin
  2. If that is the case why am I only starting to get notices after 5 years? There was no mention of only 12 months of updates on the ccleaner site at time of purchase. There was no mention that only a certain version branch was supported in the updates within the 12 months of purchase. Someone mentioned this is like a "bait and switch" early on in this thread. I have to agree.
  3. Hi new to this forum, Just started receiving these renewal popups out of the blue after buying CCleaner on 29 May 2014 01:02:29 AEST. After 6 years of use it's suddenly a subscription service? When I bought CCleaner Professional Plus there was no mention at all about a subscription. If it was a subscription when I bought it why didn't I get a renewal popup the following year? Not 6 years later. If it was a subscription I would not have bought it in the first place.
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