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  1. Hello trium, Hello again nukecad, 11th February 2020 Thank you for being curious and questioning the central dogma - (SimonFastEddy) I worked at a TV factory making Black & White televisions, during my college days when on student breaks in the 60s. They had lots of televisions returning for repair because the On/Off switch on the front failed early. It was discovered that the switch was designed to only be turned "On" once and then left. It needed a new type of switch that could endure many On/Off cycles. I am not an advocate of the philosophy that defragmentin
  2. Hello every body, Opinions vary on the Internet as to the virtues of wiping the free space. My three machines are refurbished ex-leased, ex-commercial units with negligible intrinsic value. I only wish they would wear out but they aren't anywhere near doing that yet. The Dell GX620 Pentium4 single core machine, was originally a Windows XP Professional installation. Drives are still in good health! Surfaces of the HDD still good. Given the age of my GX620 installation and the small MFT, it seems to me that they need servicing with a regular drive wipe. Piriform offer two o
  3. Hello Nukecad, Why do I seem to be wiping free-space on a regular basis? It is because I can. Technicians use technical books from secondhand bookshops: they lack curiosity. I am curious enough to find out answers by experimentation. The question can be framed as follows: If wiping free space has no practical purpose, then why does Piriform include a facility to do just that? Why does Microsoft include a registry entry with a value that can be changed for NtfsMftZoneReservation ? Try using: fsutil behavior set mftzone 1 If you change the value from 1 to 2
  4. Dear CCleaner, I am experiencing a prolonged wipe free-space task with CCleaner and Windows 10 v1909. This was initially reported as a bug here in 2013. I run three Dell computers with the same programs and personal files. The old Dell GX620 would not complete the wipe free-space task without reporting an insufficient resource. This PC has 53805 folders, 313894 files and 195 MB MFT. The task would fail after about 2 hours running, before 50% completed, although repeated attempts (about half a dozen) eventually brought success. The solution was to rebuild the software with a
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