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  1. I frequently use a site airtable.com where I have data that I download every month as a .csv file. In my previous browsers this download has never been an issue, however it is an issue in CCleaner. It says preparing download, but nothing launches for me to download. I've added the URL to my whitelist, have flash allowed and pop-ups allowed, yet can't get the download. Can you please advise on how to fix...this is a huge issue for me. Emma
  2. I have a logmein applet on my desktop...when I launch this it launches and allows me to login to LogMeIn for the remote machine I'm using. When I go to select Remote to launch the remote machine it will not launch...it does nothing. Is there someway to change a setting in this browser to allow the remote session to launch? If you know...please be specific as to where to go since this browser is so new. Emma
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