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  1. Good tip-off about Revo. This only found registry items associated with an install - no other files. With them deleted, CCleaner has disappeared from the installed programs list. CCleaner Portable also runs OK and did what I expected from previous experience - so I'll just keep it like that. Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm using Avast free antivirus. Is it worth disabling it before installation? I'll check out the slim build option in a little while.
  3. I tried to instal version 5.63 (ccsetup563.exe) under Windows 10 (build 1909). It appears as an installed progem in Control Panel / Programs and in Settings / Apps and Features . However, there is no Start Menu item or Desktop icon and nothing in the System Tray. There are no folders created in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86). I cannot uninstall either. From Control Panel I get a message "You do not have sufficient access to uninstall...." and from Apps and Features I get "Windows cannot find 'en/uninst.exe' " What is happening here?
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