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  1. There are issues with Secure Delete, for sure. But the more global problem is that we never seem to get any updates here in the forum as to which bug reports have been accepted for future fixes and which ones have not. Those of us who submit what we sincerely belive are bugs, or program deficiencies, such as not wiping file names, just sit and wait for weeks on end to see if MAYBE the next release will fix it. If not, we wait another 4 to 6 weeks, and so on. The program is fantastic, but it would be 'oh, so nice' if once in a while we could get some insight to what bugs and program improvements are being actively worked. I am under the impression that this is at least part of the purpose of this forum. If the moderators have any insight whatsoever into what Mr. G considers legitimate bugs, it would really be nice to see that written here once in a while. If the moderators are not getting this information, then my apologies, and it looks like we are all in the same boat...
  2. errrr Can you say 'English, please ?' ;-)
  3. OK here are examples. when i run V134.0407, it cleans out all *.TXT, *.tmp and *.LOG files in my Windir folder. If I simply overwrite ccleaner.exe with V135.0424, it now leaves NDISLOG.TXT and IOS.LOG in my C:\Windows folder. I have used ccleaner for many months, and this is the first version that has not removed these files. Here are the entries i have in my winapp2.ini file: FileKey18=%Windir%|*.log FileKey19=%Windir%|*.tmp FileKey20=%Windir%|*.txt However, the latest version seems to ignore these settings and refuses to remove any *.log, *.tmp or *.txt files in my Windir... As soon as I replace the new ccleaner.exe with the last version - walaa ! ! the above files are once again removed... Hope this is enough information to help...
  4. Don't know if this may help, but here are 3 entries from my winapp2.ini file. The latest version ignores them and leaves these files in my Windows folder. If I simply replace the ccleaner.exe file with the last version, these files all get deleted: FileKey18=%Windir%|*.log FileKey19=%Windir%|*.tmp FileKey20=%Windir%|*.txt Thanks again ! !
  5. THANKS SOOO much ! ! That is all I wanted to know. MUCH appreciated !
  6. A number of people have written with the same or similar problem in the latest version - 134.407. This version simply does not clean what all previous versions did - especially in the Windows folder - such as log files. Would someone please acknowledge this behavior, and either say that it will be fixed or state that it is in the program by design and that those of us who have a problem are simply 'out of luck' ? Thanks ! !
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