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  1. Forget about it Nick. I gave them close to 2 months and instead of putting myself out of business, moved to someone else (can't say who on here because they edit it anyway). They were kind enough to give me a full refund for the year's subscription however.
  2. I allowed them a month and after still being told they have no idea how much longer I requested a full refund. They just wanted confirmation that I had closed my account and they issued a full refund. I spent the month researching and ended up with {edited - Nukecad} as my best choice. Loving it so far as it foes so much more for about the same or less than what I paid for. EDIT- Alernatives are Not something that will be suggested here, this is an official company website.
  3. Closing in on 2 weeks now, upon signing in for my daily work on client computers-patch management mostly, I get a pop up stating that "current maintenance is working on a bug and that adding new endpoints will not be available".. I thought, ok not a problem.. thinking this was a temporary problem.. like an hour or two and maybe 6... on the 8th day I contacted tech support and received a response within 24 hours stating they were aware of this problem and are currently working on it with no timeframe as to when it might be fixed. I was then asked if I would like to be notified when it was fixed
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