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  1. Forget about it Nick. I gave them close to 2 months and instead of putting myself out of business, moved to someone else (can't say who on here because they edit it anyway). They were kind enough to give me a full refund for the year's subscription however.
  2. I allowed them a month and after still being told they have no idea how much longer I requested a full refund. They just wanted confirmation that I had closed my account and they issued a full refund. I spent the month researching and ended up with {edited - Nukecad} as my best choice. Loving it so far as it foes so much more for about the same or less than what I paid for. EDIT- Alernatives are Not something that will be suggested here, this is an official company website.
  3. Closing in on 2 weeks now, upon signing in for my daily work on client computers-patch management mostly, I get a pop up stating that "current maintenance is working on a bug and that adding new endpoints will not be available".. I thought, ok not a problem.. thinking this was a temporary problem.. like an hour or two and maybe 6... on the 8th day I contacted tech support and received a response within 24 hours stating they were aware of this problem and are currently working on it with no timeframe as to when it might be fixed. I was then asked if I would like to be notified when it was fixed? Well, lets see, I can't do my work on any new endpoints so forget about getting any new business.. yes of course I want to know when it will be fixed. In the same email it also stated that the accounts department would be contacting me with regards to remuneration?? So now going on 2 weeks, I'm left scrambling and searching for a patch management system that is going to be more reliable that won't break the bank on this 1 man fix it show. As it is now they have me by the short ones and my business will suffer if I can't add new endpoints. I would love to know if this is a global event whereas everyone using ccleaner cloud has the same problem or if it is random. Also, I would love to hear of any alternatives that are available. I'm looking but so far other services either do much more and cost 3 times or more than ccleaner cloud or they do less and still cost more.
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