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  1. When installing CCleaner 5.61 in Windows XP, the installation gets botched! Upon starting the installation, it doesn't present the installation start-up options screen allowing you to select install options, nor does it present the next screen showing the install process, and after about 5-10 seconds it appears to be done (according to my task manager CPU, Processes, and hard drive activity). After this, there is no CCleaner listed in the Start Menu Programs, nor no shortcut icon on the desktop. Checking Add/Remove Programs, the CCleaner entry appears, but has no information, and trying to uninstall it, results in an error. I discovered that instead of it creating a CCleaner folder in the Program Files folder and installing the files there, it instead installed the files into the root of C drive with no folder. It also fails to create a correct Windows Registry entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Piriform/CCleaner with missing, incorrect, and blank registry keys. I was only able to uninstall it by referencing another Windows XP machine that had CCleaner 5.60 and manually recreating the what should have been there with a proper installation, including recreating the Windows Registry entries similarly. I rebooted, then went into the recreated Program Files/CCleaner folder and double-clicked on "uninst.exe". I then rebooted, and next did a manual search for any files referencing "ccleaner" and "AU_exe" and deleting all of them, and then in Windows Registry, by searching for "ccleaner" and "ccsetup", and "AU_.exe" and deleting those key entries as well. I again rebooted, and afterwards gave it one more try, but still got the same result. So, I repeated everything again, but this time I re-installed CCleaner 5.60 and everything was perfect. Could you please fix this, as I'm a fan of CCleaner and would like to continue using it on Win XP as well as on Win 7 and Win 10. Thanks.
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