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  1. I made a massive mistake, I ran an uninstaller which deleted everything off my drive instead of just uninstalling the program. The drive is 5TB and I lost files I have been carefully hoarding for the past 15 years. I instantly opened up recuva and scanned the drive (it took 13hours) but I didn't consider that I would need another hard drive to recover everything to. Thankfully the majority of my files are still there and labelled as excellent for recovery. My problem is that in order to put in the new harddrive I will have to switch off my system. The affected harddrive is used for nothing else so there is no risk of my data being overwritten by mistake. I know that once I turn the pc back on I will have to rescan the drive, thats fine, i don't mind the time it takes, but I am worried that a new scan may for some or other reason find less of my data. Is that at all possible? Will the drive turning off affect anything? Will unplugging it(its an external hard drive with an external power source that will not be turned off at all) or restarting the pc affect it. The drive doesn't host my operating system nor does it have any programs on it that could write over anything, the first scan found almost everything and if it remains that way I will be very happy. I already recovered 50gb of my most important data. I hope someone can help me with this, I don't understand enough about harddrives to know what to avoid to keep it in its current state.
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