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  1. Problem similiar to two others but I need to know, why, oh why, should defrag take 17+ hours to run???? Using the free version( 2.22.995) Question: screenshot #1 shows 4% defrag afterwards but on final version it was 7%. WHY 17 HRS? and not 100% Question: screenshot #1, what is "Benchmark Drive"? and when, or if I should use it? Question: screenshot #2, it shows "Many" unfragmented sections...I was under the impression that a defraggler was supposed to rearrange all the files, etc. in order to make system organized and faster...mine is not, so why 17 hours without a total defrag???? I only defragged C drive and only 17k files were degragged, and it appears many more were left without doing anything.... Question: Why would I purchase the Pro Version for good money when the Freebie has all these problems? A defrag program should, at most take a maximum of 30 minutes, but 17 hours, that is ridiculous...that was the first time I left my desktop on overnight and still didn't have all of C drive defragged... Defraggler Screenshots 8-19-19.doc
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