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  1. OK, my apologies for the attachment. I've used CCleaner fo over 6 years and have always used in in it's "default" state; never had problems. Not once. All updates have never modified those original "default" settings. That's a pretty strong record. I've worked with computers since 1992(DOS), do know command line stuff and am fairly educated in Windows Registry. If in ANY doubt, I check articles online about subjects first!! That's an "absolute". BTW; I'm a retired Marine Engineer, college educated. I'm not stranger to Windows "Services" section and their settings as well. (I know Win 7 and 8 are largely based on XP's architecture too. Just more "bells and whistles". Stuff I would never use. If you do not wish attachments, may I inquire as to why you have the attachment link just below?? With the 1.93MB limit?? Thank you. Sincerely, Jim Hoffman
  2. Dear Sirs, Madams, Please see attached MS Word file for my issue on the newest CCleaner update. I've never had Installer issues with the product since I started using it in Jan. 2013!! Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have. (My "old" system is always backed up before I try serious things. To a full "mirror image" of C drive with all things in proper order BEFORE any installs or modifications. Sincerely, Jim Hoffman.
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