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  1. OK, my apologies for the attachment. I've used CCleaner fo over 6 years and have always used in in it's "default" state; never had problems. Not once. All updates have never modified those original "default" settings. That's a pretty strong record. I've worked with computers since 1992(DOS), do know command line stuff and am fairly educated in Windows Registry. If in ANY doubt, I check articles online about subjects first!! That's an "absolute". BTW; I'm a retired Marine Engineer, college educated. I'm not stranger to Windows "Services" section and their settings as well. (I know Win 7 an
  2. Dear Sirs, Madams, Please see attached MS Word file for my issue on the newest CCleaner update. I've never had Installer issues with the product since I started using it in Jan. 2013!! Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have. (My "old" system is always backed up before I try serious things. To a full "mirror image" of C drive with all things in proper order BEFORE any installs or modifications. Sincerely, Jim Hoffman.
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