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  1. Thanks, Dave. I just checked. FileHippo no longer complains about CCleaner. There have been no recent updates to either FileHippo or CCleaner on my PCs, per their exe file dates. The version number CCleaner displays in its window vs. the version display in its exe Properties still don't match (inserted ".0"). Did FileHippo change its database about which version number to check? Any idea why the CCleaner version numbers don't match? Jeff
  2. Dave, isn't it CCleaner install that builds the Properties? For the test I completely uninstalled CCleaner, then downloaded and installed the latest version. FileHippo wasn't involved with the installation. But after I was done, the CCleaner window top left corner said "v5.58.7209 (64-bit)", as does the Options > About screen. However if I look at Properties > Details for CCleaner64.exe, it says "" for both the file version and product version. Which version number is correct? I assume it is the one without the inserted ".0" and it is "5.58.7209" that gets published as the official number, which then FileHippo puts in its database to check, presumably against Properties (or the internal Windows data that Properties is derived from). So when the two version numbers don't match, FileHippo says the installed version is out of date, even though it is the latest. Is this not correct? If I understand it correctly, it is a CCleaner problem, not FileHippo's. It probably needs a new CCleaner version, with consistent version data, to fix this. I have seen this sort of problem before with another product. When I contacted FileHippo, they said it had to be corrected in the other product. There was nothing they could do about it. Jeff
  3. FileHippo App Manager started complaining that I had an old version of CCleaner. I installed the latest version of CCleaner, but FileHippo still said it was old. I looked at the version number displayed in the CCleaner window: 5.58.7209. Then I looked at the number recorded for CCleaner64.exe Properties > Details. That was -- note the inserted "0". I assume that is why FileHippo declared a mismatch and that this is a CCleaner installer bug. Jeff
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