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  1. Well at least 'for now' I relented - went back and re-installed ccsetup557.exe and it functions just fine If ANY news might be forthcoming about ccsetup558.exe I'll be watching............
  2. WIN XP 32 bit PC............I received the typical "CCleaner update" message I proceeded to Piriform site and downloaded the ccsetup558.exe file and saved it where I always do opened the file and confirmed "run" - the packet moves / opens as it should to 100% then POOF / GONE - no install takes place earlier I decided to try again - TRIED to delete the ccsetup558.exe file and alerted that I canNOT as it's "running" Did a reboot which then allowed me to delete the file - then went back to the website - downloaded and saved AGAIN still refuses to run or ins
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