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  1. Guys, finally I figured out that it is NOT CCleaner issue. After being there for almost a four days, today morning Windows regenerated the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters" branch & I lost the REG DWORD "DisabledComponents" once again. It looks like, 1903 is doing something different than previous versions, forcing IPV6 to refresh something (beyond my understanding), which regenerates the entire "Parameters" sub-key branch. Thank you to everyone who took the efforts to respond. I have raised a question with Microsoft Answers and hoping to get some answers. Interested could follow the thread here. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-networking/windows-10-1903-disabledcomponents-registry-key/93c9ca80-ff4e-4af5-9f7a-2e9bcec6c17d?tm=1560239135300
  2. Well, instead of giving it another try , I will be more interested towards an official explanation from Piriform towards this behavior. Thank you very much @hazelnut
  3. I know, earlier I said after adding the exception the key was not deleted. However, after few restarts, the key was deleted. I missed to update the same with the post. Uninstalled CCleaner and the key is intact after half dozen of shutdown restart cycles.
  4. Yes, I did add the exception. Yet the custom key was getting removed a cold reboot.
  5. Well, after removing CCleaner, custom registry key is not anymore removed. I am afraid to say, the protecting the IPV6 parameter key will disable Windows from updating the available network and related details in the sub-keys. I am planning to send email to official support as I am using professional edition of CCleaner, and ask them for a solution. regards,
  6. Please note, the key is ONLY removed after a clean shutdown, reboot. If I restart the laptop after adding the key, the key is available until I shutdown the laptop.
  7. I am adding disabledcomponents reg dword with IPv6 parameters. This reg dword is removed after shutdown, reboot cycle.
  8. Hello guys I'm using CCleaner Professional edition with my Windows 10 1903 version & noticed that, the custom registry key that I used was being removed after Shutdown, reboot cycle! It took me a while to start suspecting CCleaner as the culprit. I added an exception with CCleaner for the registry key & after that the key was not deleted. This is not at all an expected behavior! Please let me know how I could stop CCleaner from making such changes in the future. regards,
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