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  1. Hello - I've used your product for quite a long time. Probably +8 years. Loved it. However, over time the product has become more refined with pop-ups/spam for up-selling/pointless version updates (which target you with spam for up-selling again)....the product appears to now be just a delivery tool for up-selling. I just went through the typical, update your product to latest version (with no benefit at all) and accidentally clicked through some pointless ad too quickly....and missed that it would be installing free antivirus software. I don't need this and now can't undo it. Why is this bundled together? Why was it somewhat hidden? Why can't it be undone? I closed the program prior to the re-installation being completed and tried to repeat the install. The free antivirus choice never comes back....minutes later sure enough it is now appearing in the bottom right of my computer with it now installed. Btw, it is prompting me to upgrade to its paid version as well, despite that I already have an antivirus installed. Sick of this crap now. Was once a good product. Nick
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