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  1. From what I could see, the calibration of the monitor is something similar, but not exactly that I was looking for, both in terms of result and due to the immediacy of the changes. Gamma Panel, in its simplicity, allows immediate intervention on those parameters (brightness, contrast and gamma) at hand in the Intel GUI which, with the new drivers, I have lost. However, for the moment, the question on my behalf seems to be resolved. Thank you all for every suggestion and support.
  2. Hoping this would be useful, for those who have the same problem. I found out a little but extremely functionally software which name is Gamma Panel. It is standalone, it works with Windows 10 and it can adjust brightness, contrast and gamma of the screen in real time. You can also save a preferred configuration. At the end, you are able to put this little executable into the Startup directory too, so it will run every time Windows starts. So, for now at least, great: drivers updated and a sort of GUI for these found out. Greeting from Italy!
  3. Unfortunately I was not able to find out a newer "setup.exe", most of all into your PC manufacturer's website: my computer now is too old to receive any kind of updates. Anyway, THANK YOU so much for your kindness!
  4. Thank you for your answer, anyway using this "new" drivers I "lost" all the Intel Graphic Settings GUI (my English is terrible, I know ...). I mean that both "right click" and "Windows Control Panel - Small/Large Icons" don't show voice Intel Graphic Settings. I think this is because in the past I installed the old drivers by a setup process (with a setup.exe file) that install both drivers and GUI for Intel Graphic Settings, while now I installed only the drivers for my graphic card. I hope I was able to explain ... Thank you!
  5. First, thank you all for any piece of advice. I solved, too! Immediately I followed the instructions of Dave, I mean: I've had the same problems of Ksenom_O, in particular: but for me it was enough, after the black screen, to shut down the computer, then restarted it and from Device Manager install the drivers downloaded form Microsoft Catalog. Now I'm using the CCleaner (x64) portable release 5.58.7209 without any difficulties. The only difference is that I "lost" in the systray the icon of my Intel VGA (old and previous) Driver, but I'm able to manipulate the
  6. You're welcome, Ksenom_O! Probably it would be enough to set a tick somewhere or to disable a function I don't know how and where, but ... that's it: I don't know. Cheers from Italy!
  7. I am therefore sorry to have the same problem with the new release 5.58.7209 (both the installation and the portable version). Now I have to make another choice, leaving CCleaner in this (old) machine. It's a pity for me.
  8. That's it, I think so: something about and around graphic card or video driver (3d acceleration? the new CCleaner GUI? I don't know ...). This probably could explain flashing and lighting. I think there is a video-graphic issue because actually under the system is running, in fact if you rapidly press CTRL-ALT-CANC you'll be able to shut the computer (an old ASUS notebook for me) regularly, without force. No updates for me, too. Now, I downgraded to previous portable version and everything is ok. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 1809 build 17763.503, confirmed for me, too. Chee
  9. Hi all! ... and sorry for my terrible English! I'm having exactly the same issue with CCleaner 5.57.7182 release. My machine is: Win10 Pro 64bit (1809), VGA Intel GMA 4500M. Everything was ok till 5.56.7144, after updating to 5.57.7182 my notebook started having problems. I mean: 1) I launch CCleaner; 2) immediately the video starts flashing, with several black screen and however it appears to be more lighting when it's not black; 3) after three or four rapidly flashing, the OS hangs and I must shut down pressing for a while the on/off button. Even if I modify
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