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  1. Nicon not much there, CCleaner and 64 executables, CCUpdate, uninst, Lang and Setup folders. Don't think i had setup folder before, thou it's empty. Also license .txt missing
  2. But then again shouldn't the one with no installer work fine? I could try turning Avast off and running the installer once more, now that it seems the slim works.
  3. Holy Batmanquotes or something, it was the first that popped in my mind, no offense. I've been trying to get this up and running several times now, wonder why i have never tried that slim before...
  4. Holy Hazelnuts, that actually works. I tried the one without installer, but for some reason i've never tried this Slim version. Finally. Thank you!
  5. Tried straight from the default folder, both just double click CCleaner64.exe and r-click run as admin, which pops the are you sure you want to run as admin but after that nothing. And the version is the latest i got from here, as far as i know there is no other versions installed, guess i should go throu registery manually and remove every mention of CCleaner
  6. Okay so after some googling, quick search through forums here and there and i have yet to find a solution to why i can't get CCleaner to run at all. Installer works fine, uninstaller aswell, but for some reason when i try to run the app itself nothing happends. It doesn't appear in Task Manager, it doesn't give any errors, just plain nothing. Running on Windows 10 Pro, 64bit with Avast free antivirus, tried disabling it, tried to run both x32 and x64 with and without admin rights, different compatibility modes and pretty much everything i could think of :/
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