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  1. Both, Sophos - should be there for complete... Lot educational institutions are using Sophos now, back in 2008 was bit annoying McAfee Enterprise - mainly for my Win platforms
  2. Thanks @Augeas I haven't checked all but most of them quick scanned are with "00" header. This outcome is similar to old post you responded, ```<https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53803-pictures-found-recovered-files-unusable/?tab=comments#comment-305444>``` I wouldn't expect that either!! And I think the devil was prob an extra "\" at the end of destination path. I somehow managed to use Testdisk (given I have attempted with, Recuva Profession, Lazesoft, Search and Recover, etc. in the past 24hrs without much luck, though they all found my lost files on the drive) to recover some files and are readable, yet to confirm as only testing atm. I think the Q is leading to recovery of overwritten files than recovering formatted / deleted files.
  3. Basically I tried to do a manual backup from D-drive to external G-drive via Windows command prompt. Unfortunately destination path (G-drive) was messed up, robocopy (/purge switch) has overwritten / deleted the destination files / folder(s). I am trying to recover all lost files, for instance, via Recuva and Lazesoft, both have found the lost file(s) and folder(s) on G-drive, but after recovery, none of the recovered files are readable. Hence went into a bit more details found Recuva's header tab showing "00".
  4. Thanks @Augeas. > You copied from your D drive to your G drive, yet you appear to be trying to recover from the D drive, which presumably is your internael drive? Yes, I was trying to do some incremental backup via commandline, D-drive is internal (laptop) -> G-drive is external > Whatever is happening, files with zeroes in the header are never going to open, or be fixed. Btw what does "zeros" in Header mean? Interestingly Recuva and others seem be able to locate lost file cluster info. That's painful, going to try some local Data Recovery shops for any luck.
  5. Hi all! I accidentally deleted (or maybe overwritten) files on ext hard-drive via command prompt, i.e. with purge switch robocopy D:\X-folder G:\Y-folder\ /s /purge I've attempted recovery solutions with Recuva, Lazesoft, etc. All kits can find the lost files, as in Recuva, indicates some positives (done both normal / deep scans), Green dots Folder structures on list look fine State: Excellent Comment: No overwritten clusters detected info incl: 394 cluster(s) allocated at offset 121775296 BUT Header: all "00" Take recovered photos (*.jpg|*.dng|*.CR2) as example, the recovered files can't be opened / unreadable, even appears in a "good" sizes, i.e. 6mb. On IrfanView, returns "Can't read file header!" error, Windows built-in Photo can't open the files either. I very much appreciate any ideas / suggestion please!!
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