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  1. Correct, but by 'Un-ticking' the box for IE in Windows 'Programs' you reduce its PITA tendencies!
  2. Thanks for the information. As I just wrote to 'hazlenut' it seems that the majority of these 'trackers' are created by IE which I would seriously like to totally remove from my PC as I use what I consider to be much mor effective and safe browsers.
  3. Thanks for the 'tip' it seems like 'IE' is the biggest culprit while it is a Browser that I would seriously like to remove/delete/get rid off permanently from my PC.
  4. Not sure if this is a BUG or not but when running ccleaner it does not pick up and remove Trackers first time round. Yes the majority are identified/found and removed but repeatedly running ccleaner still finds more eg' 1st Run = 349 2nd Run = 1 3rd Run = 2 4th Run = 4 I think it could take a very long time to completely clear out all Trackers given the current performance, but I cannot understand why this is so when you would expect the 'cleanup/deletion to get them all first time round?
  5. Well BOTH the Beta Version and now the Released Version works for me. Maybe you need to install the latest version and then reboot your machine to clear any 'clag' in the RAM?
  6. Hi nukecad, Your 'suggestion' wasn't taken as a solution. The 'solution' I found later and posted the response at 12:20 yesterday so I am now running the latest version of CCleaner with no problems.
  7. ******This might just be the answer******* I didn't notice when I went back to Version 5.40.6411 but at the top of the list of 'Cookies to keep' there was a BLANK space which I clicked on and it highlighted the space. I then moved to the 'Which side do you want it Arrow Head and moved it to the 'Cookies to delete' side of the page and blow me down with a feather about 300 Cookies suddenly appeared! I then wiped out all of the 'Cookies to delete' by running CCleaner and those cookies were erased. I then reinstalled Version 555, closed the program after installing and went and 'collected' a few new cookies that I didn't want after I had finished. Then after closing Chrome I opened up CCleaner/Options and the 'Blank' space was no longer there, while the cookies that I didn't want to keep are all lined up on the left hand side of the page to be removed!!! Yippee! I hope this works for you as it seems that 'Blank Space' at the top of the 'Cookies to Keep' is also keeping the ones you want to get rid of!! Good luck!
  8. Well I've now gone 'backwards' to Version 5.40.6411 installing each one over the top of the 'newer' version and still the 'Cookies on computer' screen is blank! I have also deliberately used websites that are not in the 'Saved cookies' list. This was done using Chrome as the browser.
  9. Its a pity that we could not move back to a previous version without losing anything or screwing up any settings while this 'Bug' is being fixed.
  10. Seems like everyone is having this problem with the latest version of CCleaner. Fingers crossed that Tech Support find the 'fix' ASAP as I also have some cookies that I trust and want to keep!
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