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  1. nukecad: Thank you for your understanding response and for not demeaning or "blaming" the customer, when all I did was what the instructions told me to do. How was I to know that you weren't having file puma do your downloads now? I have used CCleaner since it came about and always followed the directions given to me by the pop up boxes notifying me of a new version. The "strange behavior" I got did not affect my whole machine. The behavior I described only occurred after I did the download and install as I was directed by the pop up from Piriform on the previous version of CCleaner. Just like always, that's how you notify of updates. And the pop up I got said to click the link. The next thing I knew, I was at file puma site and the download of the new version had started.

    I don't appreciate being treated the way I was for reporting a bug that many others were having also. And I don't appreciate the thread being shut down by Dave and he announcing that the user (me) had a malware problem and disregard anything else I had to say.

    I'm done with CCleaner. I can't trust it and I certainly can't trust that my concerns, issues or any bug reports in the future will be taken seriously.


  2. My issue was a stated in my original bug report. But Dave from CCleaner does not believe me, says that the problem I had (and numerous other users reported the exact same issue) was malware. Matter of fact, he closed out the thread and said to the forum users not to pay any attention to my complaint, it was malware causing my issue. I have been using CCleaner for as long as it's been around and I know that the download link that came from Piriform was from file puma, I simply followed the instructions in the pop up box from CCleaner and downloaded the new version from file puma. Dave said I never should have download from file puma, always download from Piriform. Hey, I was just following the instructions given to me from CCleaner. But he's blamed everything on me, the customer and banned me from discussing the issue any further. Good enough. I will find another app to use. Too bad that Piriform has an employee like that. Because of how I was treated, they have lost a customer. See my original post for my problem as well as others in the new version download. Good luck.

  3. By the way I have run multiple antivirus and malware apps and nothing shows up. It's awful funny that a number of people reported the exact same problems, but it turns out not to be an issue. Instead it gets blamed on customer. This customer does not have malware so I don't know what Dave from CCleaner is talking about. However after being treated like this, this customer will be using a new cleaning app and steering people away from Piriform. Good luck to everyone!

  4. Dave CCleaner: Here's an idea... don't get on the forum and tell me I've done things wrong and"don't ever do this or that". I followed the instructions that popped up when I opened the old version. The pop up box on your app said there was a new version, if I wanted to download it, click the link in the pop up box. I clicked the link in the box on your app. It opened file puma in my default browser and automatically began to download the new version of CCleaner. After the download finished, I installed the download. If file puma has somehow taken over or hacked the downloads of Piriform, that's your problem to solve. But I followed the instructions given to me from your app. After the app installed and I had all the problems, I then went to Piriform website to file the bug report. Once on your website, I experienced the same issues as with the app. Your website didn't respond correctly, it started and stopped, caused my mouse to jump all over the page just like on the app. I couldn't close CCleaner or your website without doing a hard reboot. I had to use my Android phone to go to your website and file the bug report as everytime I tried going to your website with my laptop, it had the same functional problems. I solved the issue temporarily by uninstalling the new version and re-installing the previous older version. The older version works fine. But don't blame your customers for doing things wrong when we followed the instructions given to us by your app. I have no idea why file puma did the download... that's up to you to figure out. Have a nice day.

  5. To hazelnut:

    I had the previous version installed. When I opened it to run it, a box popped up that said there was a new version, and to click on the link to download it. When I clicked on the link it opened my default browser, Chrome, and then opened filepuma.com and the download automatically started. It asked me where I wanted it saved which I indicated my download folder. The download occured fine. I then clicked on the file of the new version and it installed without problems. Then the Piriform website opened in a second tab and thanked me for downloading their software. It was at this point while I was navigating in the Piriform website that my mouse started glitching, jumping around, just not acting right. So I closed both tabs in Chrome and started the new version of CCleaner. Then after it did the initial "Analyze", my laptop froze and none of the other functions of CCleaner would work, and my mouse was acting all screwy again. I went back to the Piriform website on Chrome in order to file a bug report, but the website was acting screwy, things didn't function in the log in and Community Board area, and I tried to type things but it wouldn't let my mouse or keyboard function on the Piriform website. So I closed the website and Chrome and had to do a hard reboot of my laptop to get out of the new version of CCleaner. I then had to use my Android phone to access the Piriform website and submit my bug report. I then uninstalled the new version of CCleaner and reinstalled the old version of CCleaner. The old version works fine and that is the one I'm using until Piriform gets CCleaner straightened out.

  6. Just downloaded the newer version (had previous version already installed and was informed of new update). Since I installed, the app has glitched, starts, stops, mouse pointer doesn't work correctly, analyze, run cleaner, etc., all buttons do not work, app has frozen open and I cannot close it without doing a hard reboot of my laptop. Even your website doesn't work correctly, same issues with mouse, page is unresponsive, black box keeps appearing and disappearing. Never had so much problem with not only the app but also your website. I need to uninstall this version and re-install the previous version which worked fine. Once I get the app closed, my laptop runs fine. Only occurs when app is open or your website.


  7. 2 hours ago, stevecripe57 said:

    Thanks to all, especially nukecad and trium. Found some leftovers in the Registry Editor under HKEY CURRENT USER ->SOFTWARE. Will uninstall CCleaner, reboot and then reinstall CCleaner and see what happens! Hopefully that will solve the problem. If I still have problems, might try the suggestion tp reinstall Opera and let Windows 10 uninstaller do its thing and see if I get better results. Will let you all know. Thanks again!

    Final post regarding this issue (I think). That did the trick! After I deleted those leftover registry entries pertaining to Opera, uninstalled CCleaner, rebooted my laptop and then reinstalled CCleaner, it now shows no sign of the Opera browser. And it accurately shows the browsers that I actually do have installed. So all is well for now. Thanks again to all for the help!

  8. Thanks to all, especially nukecad and trium. Found some leftovers in the Registry Editor under HKEY CURRENT USER ->SOFTWARE. Will uninstall CCleaner, reboot and then reinstall CCleaner and see what happens! Hopefully that will solve the problem. If I still have problems, might try the suggestion tp reinstall Opera and let Windows 10 uninstaller do its thing and see if I get better results. Will let you all know. Thanks again!

  9. Downloaded the new version of CCleaner 5.57 with no problems as usual. However I noticed when I ran it for the first time, it said I had, besides the usual Windows 10 browsers, that I had Chrome, Firefox, both of which are true, BUT it also said I had the Opera browser and tried to go through the cleaning process for that browser. Pretty slick because I used to have Opera installed on my computer, but uninstalled it awhile ago. So I thought maybe CCleaner is still recognizing it from when it was installed. So I uninstalled CCleaner, rebooted my computer and then reinstalled CCleaner again. Opened CCleaner again, and it still thinks I have opera installed! I used a reputable uninstall program (Revo Uninstaller) to uninstall Opera that I have used for a long time and it does a good job of completely uninstalling programs, including registry files and leftover system files. So I don't know why CCleaner still thinks I have Opera installed, but it keeps trying to clean it when I run it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  10. I don't see any "No Thanks" message as described above by Ben from Piriform. I think nukecad's first message above is correct. They have followed suite with many other software providers. Advertised as "Free Edition", but let's see if we can get them to buy something. There are plenty of other programs out there that do what CCleaner does. I guess if Piriform keeps messing around, I'll just move along and find another program to clean up my PC after a session.

  11. TorrentG, I agree 100%! Makes no sense to me either. I've seen other software companies play this game, but never Piriform. It really surprised me when this popped up and then to design it in such a way that you can't get rid of the pop up box once it opens? That's just low. Oh well, they keep playing these games and they will get a reputation and people will look elsewhere.

  12. Well it seems Piriform put a little surprise in version 5.55 of CCleaner. It's an Updater. It tells you if any of your programs need updating and offers to do it for you. Now the catch that they don't tell you is once you click on the link to see what program is out of date, a box opens up... and tells you how much you have to PAY for the Updater Program. And the box won't close until you click on the link to start the payment process. Isn't that a load of crap!? I can't figure out how to close the box and get back to the CCleaner, so I just did a hard reboot, shut my computer down and restarted it.

    I can't believe Piriform has stooped to this level. 

  13. I don't know why Piriform doesn't fix this; they have been told by a number of people what the problem is. If you try to install a new version and get the Abort Retry Ignore popup box, close everything, open your Task Manager, and End any task still running that has to do with CCleaner. Then try to install the new version again. Should work!

    Piriform....FIX IT!

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