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  1. Hello again. Your program as an annoying autistic squared asks everything to follow him. This time I counted all 48 processes with the startup disabled during the entire untouchable time to the program itself. It started in the range from 996 to 21892 id processes, given the fact that it was excluded from startup a month before my first appeal on February 12th. So there is still a clear answer "what is it" if not spam processes? И снова здравствуйте. Ваша программа как назойливый аутист в квадрате всё просит следить за ним. На этот раз я насчитал все 48 процессов при выключенной автозагру
  2. Okay, I will try to chew all the above information if you have not yet managed to sift it. Does it happen every time you run CCleaner? - No, it is turned off and even disabled from startup, but the process still appears How long does the application have to be open before it starts duplicating processes? - One day totally disabled app is enough to get 3-6 processes that are superimposed on the previous days of restarting the computer or smtg like this What are you running/using in CCleaner? - I don’t use at all since the first installation dated 08/05/2018 (d / m / y) W
  3. This month is current, and I met an error where earlier than these 10, because installed the program version 5.44 as of 08/05/2018 (d / m / y) and never started again in the future, there were no updates. Этот месяц текущий, а ошибку я встречал куда ранее этих 10, т.к. установил программу версии 5.44 ещё в 05.08.2018 (d/m/y) и больше никогда не запускал в дальнейшем, обновлений не происходило. If the first is your program, then the second is an antivirus that I have never used. I checked all the program files with VirusTotal and none of them aroused suspicion. After that I made a
  4. Forgive me in advance for broken English and not hidden screen. I have no idea what the hell is going on with this program. It is taken out of autoload, but every time I watch another batch of CCleaner64.ехе process. At first there were 1-3 of them, but now I'm just tired of stopping them in my task manager. Here is a screenshot of where there are 35 such processes and more; now it is simply unbearable! Tell me what to do with them, I use this program only as a last resort, but this is really very annoying. Простите меня заранее за ломанный английский и не спрятанный скрин. Я понятия не и
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