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  1. Back to v5.53 -- much, much better. Resized and dialed in just right -- turned notifications off and I'm good to go. Thank you doctor. All's well, Kirk out
  2. Yeah I concur with Jack E. I'm running an old XP machine at 1280 x 800 pixels and after the 554 update, when minimized, the analyze and run cleaner buttons drop about 2 inches and off the bottom of the screen with no way to fix manually. If I maximize, everything is restored normal. Seems bass-ackwards to me as if it's toggling the wrong way. My windows 7 laptop and windows 10 desktop are working okay. I'm no computer wiz by any stretch, but this just isn't right. Might want to take another look-see on this update as I'm sure they'll be more complaints about this. At least I can use the progr
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