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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. @nukecad That's good to know, although not sure how a user like me is supposed to know what is an experimental feature or not. @Ben Piriform Please can I beg that this be removed altogether. It is highly confusing to the user to receive an error message when there is no error. Thanks.
  2. I have experienced the problem again and had not at any time clicked away from the Software Updater screen. Please find attached a screengrab of the problem, as requested
  3. I believe it is CCleaner showing the error code. Yes I used the registry cleaner as I always have. No I have no external drive or anything else connected except for my wireless mouse, as usual.
  4. I am using the free version as I have for many years.
  5. I have just installed the latest version of CCleaner onto my Windows 10 desktop computer. CCleaner is notifying me of "error code 19". Please could someone advise me as to what this is or where I could find more information on it?
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