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  1. Hello Andavari - Thanks very much for the heads-up on the issues. I will follow through with the links and docs that you've provided. I'll let you know if all was successful.
  2. Hello Community: I recently installed Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with Update Rollup 2 on a DELL Inspiron 8200 (circa 2002) that is in perfect operating condition. (I'm a website builder and use the DELL with legacy O/S's to check web functionality.) I also installed browsers IE8; Chrome and Firefox - all 32-bit versions. The IE8 updated browser will not connect to other sites but can access MSN and BING. This is because IE8 does not have the security credential compatibility with today's websites. Chrome and Firefox connect well. I then attempted to install the latest version of ccleaner (ccsetup553.exe) and a legacy version ccleaner-5-34-6207.exe. I did this while the O/S was in Safe Mode with Networking and Windows Firewall disabled in Services. During install of ccsetup553.exe, I received the error pop-up "Error opening file for writing - \Lang\lang-1031.dll". During install of 32-bit legacy ccleaner-5-34-6207.exe, I received the following dialog: "CCleaner.exe - Entry Point Not Found - The procedure entry point GetLogicProcessorInformation could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll". Anyone? Thanks for your time. NealO.
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