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  1. I have recovered the files and put all of them in a singular folder. After doing so, I closed the application. I have all of the files in a folder but I do not know the original directories. A lot of them had something like "C:\?\testing\1.txt", that was something to go off of but now I just have the files and no knowledge of knowing where it came from. In the recovery folder it is just "1.txt" for example. I thought I could just do the scan again and see the directories and files again but I am wrong. Now I know I can do "Save list to text file..." in the right click options but that is just giving uncovered files, not the files I recovered... Please help! Is there any way to know the directories for the recovered files when I did not save the list of recovered files? For instance, a hidden Recuva files recovered list output.txt of sorts?
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