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  1. I would like to see CCleaner have it's own built in VPN for us to use.
  2. I see this was brought up last May. Just checking to see when Piriform will incorporate the cleaning of the Windows 10 timeline. If we already have it engaged, just clearing it and disabling it doesn't securely overwrite and clean what is already there. Please add the feature to CCleaner. Thank you.
  3. There is a feature to clean CS5 in version 5.52 but I have to bring up that it doesn't work. It does not clean the CS5 recent list so I had to uncheck it Piriform needs to research it and find the correct way and incorporate that also in the recent Lightroom and Photoshop CC 2019 versions.
  4. Version 5.51 6939, has a feature to clean Adobe Photoshop CS5 but it doesn't work and the program is closed so it should work.
  5. I removed the version that came with Windows 10 but installed the stand alone version yesterday. How can I have CCleaner remove chat history or is it all in the cloud now? I did a search and the toolbar at the top of Skype when you log in doesn't exit now, there is no tool bar with settings at the top. The settings part I found has no limitations on saving chat history or anything like that. I cannot find any files with .db extention or anything with the screen name on it so we are now stuck. Can CCleaner make a way to clean it if the developers know the file or provide us a way to put in
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