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  1. I found the solution, I think... As mentioned before the extension date was wrong and the License information sais that it was out of date. I tried many ways to uninstall/reinstall the program. Now I tried to enter safe mode (Windows 7 Ultimate). There I uninstalled CC, restarted, entering safe mode with networking and installed CC for my downloaded trial file. I entered the old key and now everything was correct. Maybe Piriform has made the nessecary corrections, I don't know. Anyhow this way made it work properly for my.
  2. I also payed for CC Pro but did not get any license key. Then I hit the link to get my licences and the date was correct but the key was the old one. More, there was no link for the download in the table column "Link". Here is the what I got: Om e-postmeddelandet inte visas korrekt klickar du här, för att öppna meddelandet i din webbläsare. Bästa xxxxxx Betalningen av ditt abonnemang är utförd Du abonnerar på CCleaner Professional. Ännu en godkänd betalning har genomförts för ditt abonnemang. Din betalning till Piriform hanteras av cleverbridge. Nedan hittar du ditt cleverbridge referensnummer. För att vår kundtjänst ska kunna hjälpa dig snabbt och effektivt ber vi dig att alltid uppge detta referensnummer när du kontaktar oss. Ditt cleverbridge referensnummer: 177963114 Betalningsinformation Vi har mottagit din PayPal-betalning. Dina produkter Antal Produktnamn Leverans 1 CCleaner Professional 1 Year initial subscription period - 1 home PC elektronisk Thank you for your purchase. Please download your product using the link provided. Du har tecknat ett abonnemang på en produkt med återkommande betalning. Nästa betalning på 241,13 SEK kommer att ske den 2020-06-28.
  3. Hi, again. I tried to run the "take Ownership" script, but after that I could not open folders by double- clicking, Only by "open" on the "right popup menu". I use Windows 7 Ultimate, so there might be something special about that. It was rather easy to remove it from the registry though. Anyway, by hitting the "clean" button 5-6 times, the list of not removed items was reduced step by step down to 8-9 items. I guess that will have to do. As a complement I use IOBits ASC Ultimate scanner, which does almost the same job, but finds another 15-20 "privacy threats" which after removal are reduced to 11 items. As I can see; all these leftovers are all connected to running processes, so what would be of additional interest is to know what services I can set to inactive. I read a lot of articles about the increasing amount and types of threats on the net nowadays, and I find it quite uneasy, to say the least. I attach an image of the remaining items in CC. Thanks again for your Tips & Tricks. I also have another question; I now use CC Pofessional. Would any of you recommend to upgrade to the Pro Plus version including the other tools? My Best/Z
  4. 1. The message error says that the file is in use by a Windows Process. 2. No links is understandable, but in order to compare differences i cleaning ability and other properties other products ought to be mentioned to find out the reason to why they differ. 3. Thank's for the howtogeek tip. I'll have a try at it. But one thing concerns me. If I make some mistake and the computer won't start up at all, how can I restore the registry. Very often I have got the message that one or several restore points was not possible. 4. I am not sure what registry hack I should download. No explicit link. Maybe I'll find out by reading it carefully. 5. Another issue I find is that many privacy issues are not cleaned at all. After cleaning repeated times with CC, I finally get only a few files left. But when I use IOBits software after that it can find a lot more privacy issues. And CC does not clean Opera cookies though I check that option. Thanks for your guiding though!
  5. Well, I already did grant myself ownership, bit it still doesn't work. And I also check if any processes are running and locking the files. Seams that these folder are not to be messed with. Or another possibility is that Windows recreates them and automatically resets the ownership. As to cleaning; I also use IObits ACS Ultimate to clean, and it seems that I have to use them both to make it as "superclean" as possible. What worries my most is that some files contains MB's of data which should not be normal when it comes to web data. Anyway, do you have a link to these 3rd party apps the grants ownership. I am new here so I am not sure how to find your context menu. Thanks!
  6. Why can't I remove these files though they are in the "include" list? I understand that some files could cause the Windows to crash, but these are webcache files. I attach a screen dump.
  7. I had the same problem. It seems that you have to delete the webbdata manually in Opera. I have been reading about Opera, and it seems that is now owned by a company where the shareholders are Some Chinese company. There was also an article who mentioned the first try China made to buy Opera. So now they may have changed a lot in the browser. It was working fine for many years before, but then suddenly it crashed with no means to uninstall/install it like any other browsers. Even if I use The IOBil Uninstaller Pro, which usually cleans out residual files, those files were locked. I had to make myself owner to the folders and remove them manually. This is a common problem with many Chinese softwares. And like QQ, WhChat and other apps it is very hard to get rid of. Opera is OpenSource bat a part of it is their own developed part. In China the log every thing and have a huge staff of controllers watching your activity. I became aware of that when visiting China for many years. So now I am going back to Firefox again. I don't know if CCleaner really can unlock these folders?
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