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  1. Thank you Augeas. I am only seeing that temp file. I will try this and see if it works. Thank you.
  2. It's my invoice, about 2 weeks of entries. I did try renaming the document but I'm still getting an error message that says to make sure the file is not corrupt. The only file that is showing is this: ~$Invoice#150.xlsx and this is the only one that is showing as a result of Recuva. I have even gone to the extent of downloading another file recovery software in hopes of getting my document back. How do I check to see if the file is corrupt? This is something that it is asking me to do.
  3. Hello, I accidentally moved my invoice to the recycle bin yesterday. After a few tries of running Recuva, I was able to locate the file and recover to the desktop. A window popped up asking if I wanted to save the file to the original drive, saying that it could cause an issue with recovery. I tried to select No but nothing happened when I did. I then clicked yes and the file was saved to my desktop but when I clicked on the icon I got a dialogue box stating to make sure that the file name was not corrupt or damaged as the computer could not open the file. I don't know how to do this?!!! Please help me recover my invoice so that I can get paid please. This is the Info from the Info Tab upon recovery: Filename: ~$Invoice #150.xlsx Path: G:\ Size: 165 bytes (165) State: Not deleted Creation time: 10/26/18 11:28 Last modification time: 10/26/18 11:28 Last access time: 11/08/18 00:00 Comment: No overwritten clusters detected. 1 cluster(s) allocated at offset 185339 It shows that the state is NOT DELETED but I cannot search for it on my computer or my flash drive.
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