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  1. Actually, Henk, there was. It was buried in the EULA that no one bothered to read and, most importantly, it was not enforced by Piriform. If you go to the wayback machine (or just read this stupidly long thread) there are several links that point to the 2012 EULA that mentions that yearly term. The problem is Piriform elected not to enforce the terms of their own EULA for many years past that 1 year term, as in doing so, gave their customers a false sense of permanency. Instead of of dealing with it like reasonable adults, Avast elected to take the bait & switch route, springing the ch
  2. Well, thanks very much PowerDave, for confirming what I already suspected: CCleaner phone's home. That's great. What else does it collect and then report when it tattles on its paying user? Avast! has successfully transmogrified CCleaner into a SAAS monstrosity, worthy of ruining former customers and effectively screwing any new ones stupid enough to pay for it and load it onto their machine. I congratulate you all on your eager willingness to suck down that tasty Avast! Koolaide. I find it deeply ironic how you dare to mention the term "license abuse" when that is precisely what Avas
  3. Well, that was a nice list, but you somehow missed the Software EULA (sections 4 and 5) which DID cover the annual/yearly nature of the product. But who really reads the whole EULA? Piriform just chose not to enforce it for many years, and by doing so, they enabled this precedent. There's 9 pages of detail in this thread, and all of this has already been covered many, many times. It's a mixture of sour grapes from Avast coming in and choosing to enforce the "nearly non-existent" SAAS model, plus continued abuses in failing to mention the subscription enforcement for ALL of their customers,
  4. It's a turd sandwich for sure. The so-called "lack of correct information" that Newegg and Cleverbridge provided (or should I say didn't provide) can be blamed squarely on Piriform for electing not to enforce their software terms of use. The years subscription model has always "been there", it just wasn't enforced. By choosing not to enforce it (and advertise it properly), Piriform created a false sense of permanency in the form of a lifetime license. Everyone was quite happy with the scenario until Avast came on scene and started driving the "We're Just Here For The Money" bus all over Pi
  5. Does that include the versions loaded with MalWare, like v5.33 and Cloud Cleaner 1.07.3191? Funny, I don't remember Avast sending me, another paying customer (aka 'sucker'), any kind of an e-mail letting me know they were automatically updating my software with "newer" versions containing Malware. Guess that's yet another way Avast continued to screw their customers. Avast deserves every bit of the hate they've brought upon themselves.
  6. If only they cared. As you noted, they don't. Not at all. Personally, I would take the short-term productivity hit and drop anything Avast-related into the crapper. They have proved they are unworthy of customers, unworthy of our trust, and unworthy of growth. They destroyed CCleaner (and Piriform along with it) during their acquisition. The only reward Vince Steckler, Phil Marshall, Ondrej Vlcek, Robin Selden, Peter Turner and Gagan Singh deserve is serious hit to their financial statement - that's the only thing these mediocre "executives" care about. Customer service is NOT on their
  7. Sure. Whatever. Then they're either: Selling pirated keys, in which case you should be shutting them down, or Re-selling 1 year subscription keys under false pretenses, in which case you should be shutting them down. ...but instead, you'll do nothing. Like normal.
  8. Well, congratulations, Derek - You've managed to successfully harass them into actually getting what you paid for while simultaneously debunking their obvious lie about there not "ever" being a perpetual license for sale. I am curious - was there a EULA included in the CD-based product, and if there was did it also mention the 1 year subscription model? It's also pleasing to see that the lie is still being successfully spread by various online retailers... for example. Took me about 6 seconds to find that one. http://www.codesdepot.com/ccleanerpro.html For just $22.95, you
  9. How bizarre. Your response would seem to suggest that Piriform did, at one time in the past, actually offer a lifetime/perpetual license option (for owners of CD-based software). This doesn't jive with anything previously discussed in this ridiculously long thread, nor does it jive with the software EULA at the time which no one (including myself) actually took the time to read. According to the EULA(s), Piriform has always only ever sold CCLeaner as a 1 year subscription-based product, but they just never chose to enforce the subscription model. That is a proven fact, and has absolute
  10. None of our products had expiration dates, because Piriform chose not to enforce them (or set expiration dates in the software or keys or update server). The EULA still says it was a subscription-based product. They just never mentioned that anywhere but buried in the fine print. All of the information below is already in the thread above. Here, let me get that for you. :-| Cleverbridge receipt showing no sign of subscription: LINK My original post about this: LINK Ben Piriform's post about the subscription in the EULA archive: LINK (Section 4) Derek S's pi
  11. Sorry, 'aLongTimeUser', but all of this has already been hashed-out here in the other 4 pages of this thread and no one from Piriform gives a crap, least of all Avast. Everything you've said is absolutely true. However, read through this entire thread and you'll find several posts that point to the 2012 Terms and Conditions / Software EULA that's still available on the Wayback Machine. If you read those terms and conditions/EULA, you would have seen that Piriform did in fact mention the subscription model in those terms, they just never chose to actually enforce them - but they ARE there.
  12. Yeah, SIX YEARS' worth of miscommunication! All they've done was effectively ensured that none of the people who actually paid for the software will ever give them any more money. I know I won't. Companies like Avast bïtch and moan and software piracy, then treat their paying customers like cräp - and then have the audacity to wonder why people pirate their software. They're just proving once again that common sense ain't so common anymore.
  13. "Proper response?" Yeah, they'll promise not to give a crap even harder. I'm pretty sure Avast! couldn't care less. Their silence is deafening enough.
  14. Derek, could you take some good-quality pictures of all sides of the box and post those for us to see? Along with Cleverbridge (Piriform's payment processor) not even knowing that this was subscription-based software, this is especially damning proof of negligence. Nothing would delight me more than to see Avast! held accountable for causing this issue. There's a thousand ways they could have couched this updated enforcement policy, but it seems they chose the "Too bad - it was your fault - you should have paid better attention" route. It's even more intriguing that the only people apparen
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