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  1. In the same boat. I'm philosophically opposed to ongoing payments and don't use any software that requires them. Have paid the one-off lifetime subscription fee for things like Plex and Roon. I pay, I own.
  2. Hi Ron, Thanks for writing in. I would be more than happy to help you out with this inquiry. Not sure why you are receiving those notifications. This does not look like its a subscription based product meaning it is a perpetual license (one time charge). I refreshed your download link, giving you two weeks to download your CCleaner Professional Plus when it’s convenient for you. You’ll find the download link and all the other order information by clicking HERE [link removed]. You’ll also find information on how to get in touch with Piriform in case you have any questions about h
  3. Thanks for this, I now have the latest version installed (although the 'Subscription Information' button still shows Product Status: Expired). A response from Cleverbridge, the vendor I purchased through, states: "This does not look like its a subscription based product meaning it is a perpetual license (one time charge)."
  4. Ben, I've got the original terms & conditions emailed to me upon purchase in January 2015 and they do not contain a section 5 like your link, nor do they mention a period of one year anywhere. (Edit: these are the vendor's terms & conditions, sent from "cleverbridge / Piriform Commercial Ltd". Subscription software purchased through cleverbridge - e.g. Raxco's PerfectUpdater - indicates the expiry date on the invoice.) Have installed CCleaner multiple times during OS rebuilds and never had an issue until now. My current version is 5.47.6716, however it will not update to
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