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  1. Thanks Andavari. Now I know what it was the 100% processor use is a very strong clue since DMA doesn't use the processor the way PIO does. I'm guessing setting a restore point is a way to hold the updated registry settings in the unlikely event the drive drops the ball again. only requiring one to drop back to the previous day or two's scheduled restore point?
  2. I have just solved the problem Yippee! I really hope this helps others The drive was stuck in PIO mode . It required a fairly arduous Registry editing session to get it back to normal described here : https://techlogon.com/2011/03/28/how-to-fix-hard-drive-stuck-in-pio-mode/ Go to this section "If A Drive Still Shows Current Transfer Mode As PIO Mode" and follow the detailed instructions.
  3. No change Ran Drive wiper. Still 175,000 files found. Still taking 15 hours. at 100% processor use.
  4. My XP drive used to run a full "deep" recuva in 45 mins has done that for years. Suddenly it is 15 hours every time. Drive has scandisked fine, Malwarebyted and defragged I have tried in 'safe mode' and installed an older version of recuva but still the same so I know this is unlikely an update or recuva problem. Near 100% processor use throughout, poor thing. I see people often have this exact problem across several operating systems so it's not an XP issue. but never a solution Just a brush off of with cliches. 3 kwezzies 1 Is there a monitoring method more thorough than task
  5. On my old XP3 machine I have used Rucuva deep scan for many years. It usually takes 40 mins. Now suddenly it takes 18 hours. This was an overnight change, not some gradual decline. and no new software. Everything else runs fine and I have virus checked and chkdsk 'd the drive defragged and tdss checked. It doesn't get "stuck" anywhere specific but is just dead slow throughout. 230Gb so no monster drive I have even installed an old version of Recuva contemporary with XP but to no avail so it isn't a "version" or "XP not supported " issue I read about this problem often on
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