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  1. I'm loving how they will give you a 50% discount on Pro for Cyber Monday but they marked it up so high that it's still $19.95. I'm about to uninstall my free copy. These people have no ethics.
  2. The point here is, even if the EULA states that it's not a lifetime purchase, the website itself should be worded in such a way that makes it apparent that we are subscribing, and not buying. This was not the case. Even now, go try to pay for the pro and you tell me how long a subscription is. You can't do it. All they did was add a mouse over that describes auto billing. THERE ISN'T EVEN A SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD. How long are you buying this for? 1 month? 1 year? It doesn't say it anywhere. It's a just a big damage control thread here, they try to tell us one thing, we prove them wrong, they have to keep saying the same thing over and over again.
  3. Hey buddy, just uninstall the "professional" version and reinstall the free version.
  4. You have to uninstall it and then reinstall the free version. I would only renew my sub if it was $10 or below, otherwise, not worth it.
  5. Still no post from them saying how to stop the constant pop-ups to renew it for another year. The only thing they've said is that you need to call them, most likely to try and sell you something else. And also remember, the customer isn't always right, as proven above, even with proof.
  6. Seems like the forum would be perfectly good place to post the instructions as I have recently let my "subscription" expire. Not that I was under the impression I paid for a subscription to begin with, but that's another post on another thread.
  7. Even better is now every time you start your computer you get a huge red pop-up that tells you you need to renew it. What a crock of BS. I won't recommend this program to anyone. They can lie all they want. I wouldn't have EVER subscribed to this had it been that way when I paid my money. Just pathetic bait and switch, even when we prove it.
  8. I upgraded to CCleaner Professional last year, paid in full, now it's telling me there is a subscription. That is complete BS. Horrible business practice. Even my email receipt says nothing of having to subscribe to this! Why doesn't it say that? Bait and switch, nice. Trying to cancel the stupid thing is near impossible and completely counter-intuitive. Sad too, because I like the program.
  9. Wrong. I bought this a year ago just because it was a one time purchase and I just got a "re-sub" notice. There is no indication on my receipt of any more money I need to shell out for this and that is a bad business practice. I've always thought over the last year that I paid for this in full, well I guess they thought maybe they were losing money. I won't pay for it again, not for what it is.
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