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  1. Totally agreed with you. I have already made a disk image of my windows. Thanks for the guidance
  2. I made the disk image to avoid future problem, but some days before i googled "how to create system restore point" and i found an article at https://windowsclassroom.com/system-restore-point-windows-10/ . I read the full post i got the way to create restore point. This is also a way to keep your PC safe.
  3. I I think you are right. I should make disk image to ignore future problem. Thanks for the support guys.
  4. I agreed with your point. I regularly save my important files in external drive. My problem is my computer create problem frequently. That's why I need to make restore point, because currently it is in best stage.
  5. Yes! I got you. That's my point. Today my computer is working fine and I want to make restore point. If in future it will create problem I would like to come to this restore point.
  6. Someone told me that if I make system restore point and in future my laptop will create problem, then restore the laptop at previous restore point. The laptop will behave like it was behaving at the time of making restore point. So at present it is working fine but I can't trust on my laptop , That's why I want to create restore point to avoid future trouble.
  7. I recently updated my windows 8 into windows 10. My laptop is 3 years old and sometimes it creates problem that's why i want to create system restore point to secure my files. May i know the methods to create system restore point and how to get back that point in future? Thanks in advance
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