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  1. The bank will ask for a code (obtained from them) if their cookie is removed and/or the computer I'm using is not registered with them. When I give them the code I also register my computer with them even though it is the same computer I've been using for over 5 years. When I have CCleaner remove the cookies I specify that it should not touch the bank cookie. In spite of all that I need a code every time I login to the bank. In my opinion this whole code business is totally unnecessary. I will always be using the same computer. No one but me will be using this computer. I am using a PC not a p
  2. I have this problem with CCleaner. When I try to login to my bank account, if cookies have been removed, they require me to phone them for a security code before I can get in. When I do that I then register my computer with them so I can get in in the future without the code. I use CCleaner to remove cookies except for the bank's cookie. So I ran a test today. I signed in to the bank, no problem. I ran CCleaner with no cookie removal checked. I signed in to the bank, no problem. I ran CCleaner telling it to only remove cookies from Chrome (the browser I use to get in to the bank), then tried t
  3. tom9940

    close chrome

    When I use CCleaner every week to clean out cookies, I tell it to analyze and it always tells me Chrome has to be closed first even though Chrome is not open! I tell it to close, then it says Chrome is taking too long to close, do I want to force it. What is happening?
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