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  1. The bank will ask for a code (obtained from them) if their cookie is removed and/or the computer I'm using is not registered with them. When I give them the code I also register my computer with them even though it is the same computer I've been using for over 5 years. When I have CCleaner remove the cookies I specify that it should not touch the bank cookie. In spite of all that I need a code every time I login to the bank. In my opinion this whole code business is totally unnecessary. I will always be using the same computer. No one but me will be using this computer. I am using a PC not a portable laptop so I will never be carrying my computer with me. I don't have a smartphone to use to login with. I have followed all the bank's rules and still they won't let me in without a code EVERY time I log in after running CCleaner. A valid userid and password should be their only requirement.
  2. I have this problem with CCleaner. When I try to login to my bank account, if cookies have been removed, they require me to phone them for a security code before I can get in. When I do that I then register my computer with them so I can get in in the future without the code. I use CCleaner to remove cookies except for the bank's cookie. So I ran a test today. I signed in to the bank, no problem. I ran CCleaner with no cookie removal checked. I signed in to the bank, no problem. I ran CCleaner telling it to only remove cookies from Chrome (the browser I use to get in to the bank), then tried to login to the bank again. They wanted the code to let me in. Obviously CCleaner is removing the bank's cookie even though it has been told not to. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to correct it? If it matters, I'm running Win10 on a Dell Inspiron PC.
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    close chrome

    When I use CCleaner every week to clean out cookies, I tell it to analyze and it always tells me Chrome has to be closed first even though Chrome is not open! I tell it to close, then it says Chrome is taking too long to close, do I want to force it. What is happening?
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